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The Oregon Coast is hailed for its vibrant growth of red evergreen dwarf shrubs—more affectionately known as cranberries. With “roots” dating back to 1957, Vincent Family Cranberries has been cultivating its cranberry bog on the Southern Oregon Coast for now its third generation. The farm is a half mile from the Pacific Ocean, ideal for the coastal climate necessary for these hardy, concentrated and robust cranberries. New to the bottled line-up and available locally at Zupan’s, Whole Foods, New Seasons, PCC and more, theCranberry Lime Coconut Water is a bright and tangy treat, full of vim and vigor from both the juicy cranberries and the citrus lime, mellowed out with a resonant mouth full of coconut.
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Edible Portland stories are now on KATU’s AM Northwest. Did you know that Oregon cranberries are the biggest, juiciest and sweetest on the market? In this segment, meet Tim Vincent, the Oregon cranberry grower that produces Vincent Family Cranberry Juice, and learn about how cranberries are grown and harvested. Brought to you by Food Services of America andWhole Foods Market.
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LONG BEFORE CRANBERRY JUICE became a staple on supermarket shelves, cranberry farming was a part-time job that Oregon Coast families took up to supplement their incomes. “Mill workers, fishermen—a lot of them had cranberry farms,” says Ty Vincent, a farmer at Vincent Family Cranberries. “It was a sideline, and it was fresh fruit only. A lot of them hand-picked the berries and sold them around the holidays.” Local lore traces the early cranberries to several Massachusetts transplants, including Charles Dexter McFarlin, who established a small bog near Coos Bay in 1885.
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The first stop was a visit to Williams Sonoma to see our friends Laine & Jody from Salinity, who were one of the featured artisans at the Williams-Sonoma Artisan Market. There were several great products to sample and other food artisans there to showcase their specialty edibles. This is how we met Dani Vincent. We fell in love with Vincent Families packaging right away (we have a thing for fonts). It’s beautiful and simple.